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Weekly Investment Blog – June

I spent the long w/e in Sicily. It’s stunning at this time of year home to abundant bougainvillea and wild orleanda and a warm sun ripening the lemons and tomatoes for which Sicily is famous. Earthy reds and beautifully balanced whites from grapes harvested from Mount... read more

PAM Weekly Investment Blog – May

It’s rarer these days and in the age of the internet harder but nevertheless reading a good book is worth its weight in gold and a combination of a bank holiday and time in airports in the last fortnight meant I’ve had a chance to read three. As well as... read more

PAM weekly investment blog – April

The old Yorkshire phrase “there’s ‘nowt as queer as folk” has never been so apposite as some of the goings on this week. Michael Eisner, former boss of Disney who’s done it all, seen it all, taken over huge companies like ABC, CBS, XYZee... read more

PAM weekly investment blog

Ash Wednesday tomorrow and I don’t feel like giving up anything and I cannot possibly give up chocolate given it’s standard fare in this office.  Maybe merlot and macadamia nuts but not chocolate…  Back from spending the w/e with a load of Italian rugby supporters... read more

PAM weekly investment blog – February

They’ve been jostling in the aisles this w/e as the broccoli shortages spread and rationing is introduced across the land.  We’re restricted to just three purple sprouting broccoli heads each.  Heaven forbid!  How very dare they? Elsewhere the news that... read more

And it’s a wrap…

If someone had suggested at the start of 2016 that the UK would have voted to leave the European Union,  Donald Trump been elected President of the United States and Matteo Renze have lost a referendum on the most basic reforms of an unwieldy Italian constitution,... read more

The Next Bull Market Move

In this interview with ‘Next Bull Market Move’, Amanda van Dyke manager of SF Peterhouse Smaller Companies Gold Fund shares her views on the uranium market. Click here to read the full article.

Listen to Amanda van Dyke discuss her views on gold: