Funds & Capabilities

Offshore Funds

We manage a comprehensive range of collective vehicles on a discretionary basis with a focus on multi asset, equity and fixed income strategies.

Our Guernsey based OEICs offer investors a choice of funds at various points of the risk spectrum with each fund provides gross rollup of income. Peterhouse’s fund range allows investors and their advisers the ability to combine the funds to meet individual objectives or the flexibility of switching across different asset classes. Peterhouse Guernsey funds described are not authorised or recognised for sale to the public in the UK. To find out more about our different types of Fund please see below.

Hume Cautious Multi-Asset Fund

The investment objective of this Fund is to provide an attractive rate of return subject to both a desire for capital preservation and the prevailing interest rate background. The largest individual weightings are expected to be “rated” money market and “cash plus” funds.

Institutional Funds

We manage segregated accounts on a discretionary basis for institutions such as UK universities.

We manage separate accounts for institutions with bespoke mandates; our team draws on its extensive experience in this area gained at major institutions. Peterhouse Asset Management’s investment approach aims to optimise capital growth whilst ensuring capital preservation. All portfolios are actively managed, with our core process tailored to meet client mandates, thus allowing acceptable risk and return objectives to be targeted.

Our focus is on mandates where we have in-depth knowledge and experience to provide a clear edge. Our team is experienced at managing separate accounts using our robust investment techniques and expertise to create bespoke portfolios for pension funds, charities and other institutions.

Global Equity

We select ‘best in class’ companies with superior long-term growth prospects. Our rigorous bottom-up approach stock selection identifies typically 60-70 companies unconstrained by sector or geography.

UK Equity

Our stock picking approach identifies businesses which we believe have above average growth potential and are leaders in their spheres. Mandates can be managed including or excluding the UK.

Treasury Management & Fixed Income Services

Our specialist team manages surplus cash funds on a discretionary and an advisory basis for institutions; our clients include building societies, universities, charities and friendly societies.


We manage specialist funds on a discretionary basis with a focus on alternative strategies such as gold equities.

The SF Peterhouse Smaller Companies Gold Fund, invests in a focused portfolio of what we believe are some of the leading high quality gold companies. We select ‘best in class’ companies with superior long-term growth prospects. Our rigorous bottom-up approach stock selection identifies typically 60-70 global companies. We have ambitious plans for the fund as part of a wider and significant growth strategy for PAML. We believe that the outlook for gold and for smaller company gold shares in particular is positive and we are aiming to position the fund to ensure it can continue take advantage of a secular re rating in the gold market.